We believe in e-commerce. Cambodia needs it.

We created Hangme platform to put everything you need for e-commerce together in one place, so you, as a seller or a business can sell more quickly, easily and safely.


Hangme was founded 2020, because of the global pandemic. We understand the struggles of local businesses, and Hangme aims to enable sellers to join the digital marketplace. With everything in one place, you pay less and earn more.

Our values


Bring everyone together

From online payment, delivery, website design, POS system. We combine everything in one place to make your business easier to run and more managable.


E-commerce shouldn’t be a luxury

E-commerce is growing everywhere, and it’s easier to reach new customers that you may never have reached before. And everyone should be able to that.


Protect both seller and buyer

Because Hangme works digitally, it’s tracable, safe, and simple, so saves you from headaches. If things go wrong, we are here to help.



Hangme is designed to be simple, so you can get your work done quickly. We spent a lot of time improving user experience so you don’t have to.


Helping your business to grow

Hangme has a dedicated support team waiting to assist. We also have guides and documentation on how you can use our product effectively.

For everyone

Convenience for both sellers and buyers

Merchants and Customers do not need any special technological knowledge, Hangme is very easy to use

For Cambodia

Supporting Cambodia's Digital Economy

Hangme has partnered with many payment providers to make digital payments automatic, convenient and highly secure for Cambodians. We want to help Cambodia move forward with its digital economy and catch up to other countries.

Try Hangme now for free

Try Hangme now for free