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Bringing Cambodia into the digital world. Online payment is secured, easy and fast.

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E-Payment is the future

As an e-commerce platform we only accept online payments, this is to keep both customers and merchants safe and secure in their transactions.

Pay with your choice of banks

Sellers and buyers can easily pay with different banks.

Pay with Bakong

Bakong is a payment system made by the National Bank of Cambodia. Regardless of the user's bank, sellers and buyers can use it to pay securely and quickly.

Pay with Card

Hangme has VISA and Mastercard payment options available.

Good for Merchants, Good for Customers

Hangme was designed to be a simple and secure platform for both merchants and customers to use.

Keep track of your payment

Lower rate of theft and fraud

Easy refund

No cash used keeps our system safe

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Try Hangme now for free